Snap-On Dentures

Martin Dentistry is the premier provider of Snap-On Denture services in the Tri-Cities. When you choose Martin Dentistry, you're choosing a trusted partner for achieving a renewed sense of confidence and joy in your everyday life. You can speak, eat, and smile comfortably and confidently with snap-on dentures, a more affordable alternative to fixed implant-supported dentures. Martin Dentistry can help you improve your experience with dentures and your quality of life with dentures that snap onto dental implants for improved stability.

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Snap-On Dentures

Snap-on dentures rest on dental implants, anchoring them in place and preventing movement and lift. Because snap-on dentures rest on dental implants and not your jawbone like traditional dentures, they cause less irritation and feel more similar to natural teeth.

Snap-on dentures increase your chewing efficiency, improve your speech, and boost your confidence. Many patients find social interactions more enjoyable because they don’t have to worry about their dentures slipping or dislodging.
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“Snap On” Dentures

Feedback from Our Patients Across the Tri-Cities Region

Brennan is the very best dental hygienist I've ever had to clean my teeth. I have several crowns and in the past, I've always needed gel rubbed on my gums before cleaning - not needed with Brennan doing the work. He is excellent, has a great personality and calms a patient. A great employee. Thank you so much. Reva Box
Great cleaning, professional staff
we were recommended by a friend and they didn’t disappoint. Clean nice office convenient. They called and got us in sooner which was great! Renita the hygienist was wonderful what a sweet kind gentle person. Made my mom feel so comfortable. Dr Patel was so very kind and explained things well. She understood moms position with age & finances and didn’t push anything unnecessary. Would highly recommend!!
The employees of Martin Dentistry of Elizabethton are very friendly and efficient. Everything from intake to departure was excellent and timely. I highly recommend.
Very friendly and didn't push for unnecessary dental work!
Everyone was professional, pleasant and transparent. Thank you for a wonderful visit.

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Snap-On Dentures Frequently Asked Questions

Do snap-on dentures have a palate?

An upper snap-on denture is palateless. Unlike a removable upper denture that suction from the roof of your mouth holds in place, dental implants secure a snap-on denture. A palateless denture can enhance your ability to taste food.

Do snap-on dentures hurt?

Snap-on dentures do not hurt. Precise planning ensures the denture fits and functions comfortably. The surgery to place dental implants is not painful either. A local anesthetic will numb your gums, and sedation dentistry will help you relax during dental implant placement. Your doctor will explain how to manage swelling and discomfort during recovery.

Do you need bone grafting for snap-on dentures?

If you lack enough quality bone to support dental implants, your dentist may recommend a bone graft or an alternative to a snap-on denture. Your 3D CT scan will reveal your jawbone volume.

How do snap-on dentures look?

A snap-on denture looks like a removable complete denture, but its base has metal grooves that snap onto dental implants. One of our dentists will take impressions of your mouth to create a custom denture that fits your upper or lower arch—or both.

How long is recovery with a snap-on denture?

It takes about four months for dental implants to fuse with your jawbone. Afterward, a dentist will expose the implants, allowing about two weeks for your gums to heal around the implants. Next, your dentist will take impressions of your mouth for your final denture.

What can you eat with a snap-on denture?

During recovery after implant placement, you will be limited to a soft-food diet for about four months. Soft foods prevent disturbing the implants. After healing, you can enjoy your favorite foods again.

What is a snap-on denture?

A snap-on denture is a custom implant-retained denture. An arch of replacement teeth snaps onto two or more dental implants. Denture stability increases with the number of implants you receive. Unlike a fixed implant-supported denture that a dentist screws onto dental implants, you can remove a snap-on denture.